Natural Mallku is a boutique hotel located in the rural area of Barbosa, just 40 minutes away from Medellín, allowing you to enjoy a luxury experience surrounded by nature close to the city. Its concept is inspired by the AYMARA indigenous culture. They live in gratitude with PACHAMAMA (Mother Earth) for being the provider of food, shelter, and clothing. Since ancient times, they have worshiped the sun, the moon, the rain, and the stars. Their life ideology is based on reciprocity, allowing them to take resources from the land while also cultivating and caring for it as their main source of resources.

MALLKU, for the AYMARA culture, means the spirit of the mountains, a powerful presence in the heights, finding its best representation in the majestic and respected Condor animal.

At Natural Mallku, there are currently 5 luxury cottages, all equipped with the latest technology to ensure you have a very comfortable experience surrounded by nature. All cabins have a television, soundbar, Jacuzzi, minibar, Nespresso coffee machine, electric fireplace, and Wi-Fi. Some have a kitchen, gas grill, and catamaran mesh… they are designed for you to have a stay filled with harmony, privacy, nature, and personalized service.


Find us on Google Maps and Waze as Natural Mallku

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